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Market Intelligence
Japan funded Indo-Pacific Infrastructure Opportunities

U.S. construction companies should consider partnering with Japanese firms to participate in Japanese-funded infrastructure projects in the Indo-Pacific region.

Design and Construction Japan International Cooperation
Market Intelligence
Japan LNG Supply Chain Developments

Recent developments in Japan’s LNG supply chain present opportunities for U.S. exporters to take advantage of lucrative and stable long-term offtake contracts.

Energy Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Travel and Tourism Market

With easing border controls and travel resuming globally, it is the right time for the U.S. travel industry to promote destinations and services in Japan.

Travel and Tourism Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Building & Construction - The World Expo Osaka 2025

Information on Request For Proposals (RFPs) for design and construction of the U.S. pavilion at the World Expo Osaka 2025      

Design and Construction Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan eCommerce Retail

Japan is the world’s fourth largest eCommerce market and in the wake of COVID, the B2C eCommerce market for consumer goods expanded and is expected to increase.

Consumer Goods Japan Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Japan Digital Health Industry

With the growth in Japan’s health technology industry, there are opportunities for U.S. exporters of digital healthcare goods related to AI, IoT, and robotics.

Healthcare Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Home Improvement Centers

Japan’s home improvement industry is growing with more demand for DIY goods, bringing opportunities for U.S. manufacturers selling to home improvement centers.

Consumer Goods Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Civil Nuclear Power

Dramatic shift in Japan’s nuclear policy means new opportunities for U.S. suppliers

Energy Japan Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
Japan Franchise Market

Now may be a good time for U.S. franchises to enter Japan, one of the largest and most attractive markets for foreign franchises.

Franchising Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan’s Next Generation of Marine Technology

Japan’s greenhouse gas reduction strategy creates business opportunities for U.S. firms with cutting-edge marine technologies.

Marine Technology Japan Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Japan Defense Industry

Due to security concerns in Asia, there are market opportunities for U.S. defense manufactures interested in Japan’s already favorable market.

Aerospace and Defense Japan Transport and Logistics
Market Intelligence
Japan’s Medical Device Market

Japan’s policies promote medical devices and healthcare projects, offering commercial opportunities for U.S. manufacturers of innovative medical devices.

Medical Devices Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Cybersecurity

Recent cyberattacks increase awareness in Japan for the need for cybersecurity preparedness, creating opportunities for U.S. providers.

Information and Communication Technology Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Education Technology

Japan sets numerical targets for digital talent development and offers potential opportunities for U.S. digital upskilling solution providers.

Education Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Advanced Manufacturing

Are you a U.S. advanced manufacturing solutions company considering expanding your global footprint? Learn more about your next market, Japan.

Equipment and Machinery Japan Trade Development