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Market Intelligence
Japan's Analytical and Scientific Instruments Market

Analytical and scientific instruments play vital roles in a wide range of applications in key elements of Japan’s core manufacturing and service industries.

Equipment and Machinery Japan Market Research
Market Intelligence
Japan's 5G Networks

Japan is an attractive market for U.S. suppliers of 5G equipment and related services.

Information and Communication Technology Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Japan Artificial Intelligence at Ports

Japan announced Port 2030, a medium-and long- term plan to improve its ports.

Information and Communication Technology Japan
Market Intelligence
Japan Digital Transformation

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry is proactively promoting digital transformation in Japan and published the Digital Transformation report in 2018.  

Information and Communication Technology Japan
Market Intelligence
Japan Teleworking Cybersecurity Risks

The pandemic combined with the postponed Olympics accelerated Japan’s effort to reach 70% telework adoption.

Cybersecurity Japan
Market Intelligence
Japan Decommissioning Reserve Proposal

U.S. business involved in solar projects in Japan are encouraged to monitor the progress and details of the new regulation “Mandatory Decommissioning Cost Reserve” for solar power projects. 

Renewable Energy Japan
Market Intelligence
Japan Health & Medical Strategy

Japan implemented the second phase of its five-year health and medical strategy designed to advance healthcare industry developments in Japan and will give US companies insight into potential opportunities in the Japanese market. 

Biopharmaceuticals Japan Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Japan Medical Devices Regulatory Environment

Japan’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law (PMD Law) improves the regulatory environment for medical devices. 

Biopharmaceuticals Japan Export Strategy
Market Intelligence
Japan Fintech

Tokyo Japan is ranked as the third largest global financial center after New York and London and its “Fintech” market shows especially strong growth potential for U.S. firms. 

Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Education Reform Updates

Facing an aging population and reduced workforce, the Japanese government has introduced a number of measures to modernize its education system. 

Educational Technology Japan
Market Intelligence
JAPAN: High School Travel Market

Japanese high school students travel overseas to experience cultural learning.  Interested US schools working with Japanese high schools are encouraged to contact Commercial Service Japan. 

Education East Asia Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Full-body Safety Harnesses

Demand for Full-body Safety Harnesses is increasing in Japan.

Design and Construction Japan Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Japan Growth in eCommerce 

Japan’s Business to Consumer (B2C) eCommerce has been steadily growing. 

Apparel Japan eCommerce
Market Intelligence
Japan Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Japan’s Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing market is expected to grow over the next 5 years anticipating increased industrial use.

3D Printing Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Robotics Industry

Global demand for Japanese manufactured goods remains strong and has contributed to the recent recovery of the Japanese machinery market.

Robotics Japan Trade Development