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Market Intelligence
Austria Smart Mobility

Austrian requirements for smart mobility and transport systems offer significant export and collaboration opportunities for innovative U.S. companies.

Information and Communication Technology Austria
Market Intelligence
Austria Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine Center to be Built in Vienna: Cooperation Partners Wanted

Healthcare Facilities Austria
Market Intelligence
Austria Investing in Digital Learning

Austrian government recognizes the importance of education technology, opening opportunities for U.S. providers of digital learning tools and cloud solutions.

Educational Technology Austria
Market Intelligence
Austria Cloud Computing

A recent survey about cloud computing in Austria offers valuable takeaways for U.S. vendors.

Cloud Computing Austria
Market Intelligence
Austria Cybersecurity

Despite of the economic downturn and overall cuts in IT budgets, the demand for cyber security solutions in Austria continues to grow by 6-9% per year and offers a range of opportunities for innovative U.S. companies.

Cybersecurity Austria
Market Intelligence
Austria Telemedicine

A recent poll on telemedicine in Austria offers valuable takeaways for U.S. vendors.

Healthcare Services Austria