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Market Intelligence
Spain Defense Growth Opportunities

An increase in Spain’s defense budgets launches new prospects.

Defense Equipment Spain Government, Law and Regulation
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Spain Agribusiness Wine Market Opportunities

The European Union launched initiative to promote precision viticulture.

Agribusiness Spain Commercial Law
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Spain Sporting Goods Hunting Market Intelligence

Spain is a nation with a vibrant hunting and outdoor culture.

Sporting Goods Spain Market Access
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Spain Plastic Packaging Tax Now in Effect

The Plastic Packaging Tax, introduced in Spain, will be assessed on the manufacture, import or intra-EU acquisitions of non-reusable plastic packaging.

Packaging Equipment Spain Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
Spain Pet Sector

The pet sector in Spain increased approximately 25% during the pandemic.

Pet Foods and Supplies Spain
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Spain Pharmaceutical Sector

Spain faces the ongoing challenge of reducing the weight of the healthcare sector within the national budget, in particular the pharmaceutical component.

Pharmaceuticals Spain
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Spain Drone Technologies Budget Forecast

Spain plans to spend over $190 million dollars on drone technology over the next two years.

Scanning and Detection Systems Spain
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Spain Travel & Tourism

What do Spanish tourists expect when borders to the U.S. are reopened for travel and tourism?

Travel and Tourism Spain
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Spain Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Regulation

A new regulation has been approved for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Safety and Security Spain
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Spain Renewable Hydrogen Roadmap

Spanish companies are beginning to invest in renewable hydrogen projects.

Renewable Energy Spain
Market Intelligence
Spain E-Health Overview

Major changes in Spain’s eHealth environment offers opportunities for U.S. healthcare technologies.  

Health Information Technology Spain
Market Intelligence
Spain Port Security

Opportunities for U.S. companies can be found in Spain’s port security sector.

Security Services Spain
Market Intelligence

Spain is switching to a sustainable energy model and will include the dismantling of nuclear plants. 

Civil Nuclear Power Spain
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Spain Renewable Energy

Spain is a vibrant market for U.S. producers of renewable energy technology.

Renewable Energy Spain
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Spain Automation and Digital Services

Spain provides good opportunities in the robotic and automation sub sectors where US exporters can be competitive.

Equipment and Machinery Spain