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Market Intelligence
Romania Defense

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced an increase the country’s defense budget from 2% to 2.5% of GDP in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 

Aerospace and Defense Romania
Market Intelligence
Romania Photovoltaic Projects

Modernization fund investment committee approved Romania’s application for financing for gas power plants and photovoltaic projects.

Energy Romania
Market Intelligence
Romania digitalization of education

The Romanian government is investing in education technology, opening opportunities for U.S. providers of digital learning tools.

Education Romania
Market Intelligence
Romania Public Sector Digital Transformation

Romania is investing in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and skills training to advance its public sector recovery and resilience plan.

Information and Communication Technology Romania
Market Intelligence
Romania Combating Cancer

Romania is following the European Commission’s Beating Cancer Plan, launching a national program to combat the EU’s highest incidence of cancer.

Healthcare Romania