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eCommerce Market Intelligence

eCommerce Market Intelligence

eCommerce Market Intelligence 

Find detailed industry and country information on cross-border eCommerce purchases, such as digital consumer trends and forecasts from our Country Commercial Guides (CCGs). 

Looking for eCommerce Market Intelligence Reports by Country? 

Try the eCommerce Market Intelligence Sections of the Country Commercial Guides (CCG) which is a listing of up-to-date eCommerce Sections of CCGs. Each individual country eCommerce section provides guidance and best practices for selling US products and services in the market, includes typical use of agents and selling to the government. Further reading of each CCG section page provides steps for establishing an office or joint-venture/licensing partner, and conducting due diligence. 

Are you looking for information on overseas trade regulations and standards by country? Here you will find information that describes trade regulations, customs and standards in each market; it also provides information on import tariffs and documentation U.S firms should be aware of when exporting, including any prohibited items or temporary entry procedures. 

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