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Have questions about our program and want to learn more about how we can help your organization expand recruitment and enhance your global reach? Email our team or reach out directly to one of our industry team leaders.

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Team Lead’s Location

Aerospace & Defense

Jason Sproule Los Angeles, CA


Greg Thompson

Denver, CO

Automotive & Smart Mobility

Juanita Harthun

San Antonio, TX

Design & Construction

Jasmine Braswell

Newport Beach, CA

Education & Training Services

Gabriela Zelaya

San Jose, CA

Energy Industries

Danielle Caltabiano

Houston, TX

Environmental Technologies

Elizabeth Laxague

Pittsburgh, PA

Financial Services

Peter Sexton

New York, NY


Eric Johnson

Atlanta, GA


Crystal Mills

Charlotte, NC


Molly Ho

Phoenix, AZ

Advanced Manufacturing

Pam Plagens

Houston, TX

Marine Technologies

Maryanne Burke

Boston, MA

Media and Entertainment

Shawn Ricks

Dallas, TX

Safety and Security

Patrick Spence

Nashville, TN

Textile, Apparel, & Sporting Goods

Cynthia Torres

West Los Angeles, CA

Travel & Tourism

Karen Ballard

San Diego, CA

Other Industries

Global Teams

Ontario, CA