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Travel & Tourism
Our team of U.S. and international industry specialists are dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. travel and tourism industry, expanding market access, and increasing exports. The Travel & Tourism team uses our presence in 200 global cities to help you foster new business relationships and expand the world-wide presence of U.S. firms.
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Commercial Service "Check In" Series
Join us for a virtual "Check In" featuring our U.S. Embassy Trade Specialists for Travel and Tourism. Gain the very latest insights and information about the covered markets for international visitors to the US.

Travel & Tourism Industry

Did you know: In 2018, Travel and tourism accounted for 2.9% of U.S. GDP, and travel and tourism is the largest service subsector of the U.S. economy. It remains a larger contributor than many significant industries, including agriculture, mining, or utilities. International visitors spend more than $250 billion in the U.S. annually, and the United States leads the world in global tourism receipts, commanding a 14.8% share of world traveler spending. 

Our team of U.S. and international industry specialists are dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. travel and tourism industry, expanding market access and increasing exports.   Official U.S. Government statistics can identify targeted markets to help locate your international customers.   Selected industry events enable you to find business partnerships.  Meet with travel and tourism professionals throughout the US and around the globe to help you foster new business relationships and bring international visitors to your destination.  

Featured Events

Travel and Tourism Check In Webinars
Learn about our new "Check- In" Webinar series. Our virtual meetings will feature our U.S. Embassy Trade Specialist for Travel and Tourism, as well as other potential speakers from the market in question. These informal video chat discussions will be conducted over MS Teams.

How Can We Help You Attract International Visitors?

Our team members are experts in international business development and your best resource for business growth and job creation. Learn more about the ways we can assist your firm:
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Market Intelligence
Our travel and tourism specialists on-the-ground in overseas markets prepare short, concise market intelligence reports so that you can learn about your product’s potential in a given market, the market’s business practices, and best prospects for success.
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Trade Counseling
International Trade Specialists are available to discuss your company’s exporting needs. Locate an industry specialist near you.
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Our Services
From counseling, to matchmaking, to market intelligence, our global network of trade professionals - located throughout the United States and in nearly 80 countries - can help you attract international visitors.

Travel and Tourism Market Intelligence

View our most recent market intelligence for the Travel & Tourism industry.
Market Intelligence
Peru Travel and Tourism

The United States is an attractive destination for Peruvian travelers. 

Travel and Tourism Peru
Market Intelligence
Sweden Travel and Tourism

The U.S. Travel Association estimates that spending by international travelers to/in the United States reached $255 billion and directly supported 1.2 million American jobs in 2019.

Travel and Tourism Sweden Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Argentina Travel and Tourism

Traveling is part of the Argentine lifestyle, and the United States is a popular travel destination.  Nearly 900,000 Argentines travelled to the United States in 2019. 

Travel and Tourism Argentina Trade Facilitation