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Franchising Industry
Our team of U.S. and international industry specialists are dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. franchising industry, expanding market access, and increasing exports.
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International Franchise Expo - Global Chat Program
Meet One-on-One with Commercial Specialists through our complimentary Franchising Global Chat program at the International Franchise Expo.
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Global Franchise Connections
Global Franchise Connections is a curated franchise business conference providing industry franchisors and prospective franchisees the opportunity to meet through vetted matchmaking, and interact through conference presentations and seminars.

Franchising Industry

Our franchising industry specialists are dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. franchising industry, expanding market access, and increasing exports. The Franchising Team uses our presence in 200 global cities to help you foster new business relationships and expand the world-wide presence of U.S. firms.

Featured Events

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Franchising Global Chat Program at International Franchise Expo
The International Franchise Expo (IFE) is the premier trade expo event for international professionals across the franchising industry, and occurs annually in New York City with this year’s program being the 30th anniversary of the IFE. Participate in our Global Chat Program and meet one-on-one with our Commercial Specialists.

How Can We Help You Expand Your Exports?

Our team members are experts in international business development and your best resource for business growth and job creation. Learn more about the ways we can assist your firm:
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Market Intelligence
Our franchising specialists on-the-ground in overseas markets prepare short, concise market intelligence reports so that you can learn about your product’s potential in a given market, the market’s business practices, and best prospects for success.
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Trade Counseling
International Trade Specialists are available to discuss your company’s exporting needs. Locate an industry specialist near you.
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Our Services
From counseling, to matchmaking, to market intelligence, our global network of trade professionals - located throughout the United States and in nearly 80 countries - can help your firm expand your exports.

Franchising Market Intelligence

See our latest market intelligence related to the franchising industry.
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Franchising Boutique Fitness Takes Off Opportunities Abound

Boutique fitness is carving a strong niche within Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning fitness landscape.


Franchising Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Singapore Franchising

Singapore’s franchise market is positioned for promising expansion, fueled by the city-state’s robust and resilient business environment.

Franchising Singapore
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Consumer Goods and Strong Trademarks See Growing Demand

The U.S. owns the highest share of trademarks in Mozambique with over 5,850 trademarks highlighting the growing demand for American brands. 

Consumer Goods Mozambique Foreign Trade Remedies

Key Resources for U.S. Exporters

Franchising Top Markets Report

The Franchising Top Markets Report identifies important issues that are critical and unique to the sector, such as trade barriers, market challenges, market opportunities, multiplier effect and misinformation about franchising and provides a ranking of export markets based on key criteria.