Photo of SABIT Program participants walking through a bridge.
The Special American Business Internship Training Program - Promoting Partnerships, Generating Results



Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT)

The Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT), is the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) award-winning, global technical assistance program. 

SABIT brings mid-to senior-level managers to the United States for short-term visits to meet with U.S. business leaders. SABIT’s training programs promote free-market principles globally, make inroads into markets that remain difficult for U.S. businesses, and cultivate free, fair, and reciprocal economic relationships. 

SABIT’s programs generate significant diplomatic and commercial results by assisting American organizations to create new relationships and strengthen existing ties with foreign partners and customers. 

SABIT in Europe and Eurasia
SABIT has been active in Eurasia for 30 years with more than 6,500 alumni throughout the region and billions of dollars of economic cooperation.
SABIT in South and Central Asia
SABIT has been active in South Asia since 2009 and has alumni in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan.
Interested in Participating?
If you are a citizen of a country where SABIT has a program, or representative of a U.S. company, association, or government agency who might like to host a delegation, we would love to talk to you about SABIT opportunities.