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Documents and Shipping


Ship your product to arrive safely and on time and avoid the potential of having your product stuck in customs or returned. We can help you determine the best shipping options and how to complete required documents. 

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Shipping Documentation


Proper shipping documentation, including AESDirect filing, is critical for a smooth export transaction.

Documents and Shipping Resources and Tools

Check these tools to determine and optimize your product’s tariff treatment.
Related Tariff Issues
Special considerations to reduce your shipping cost.
Customs Information
Use the Customs Info Tariff Tool to find your product’s tariff rate.
Export Trading Companies
An Export Trade Certificate of Review (ETCR) allows you to work with other companies to reduce shipping costs, boost negotiating power, and develop long-term export business.
U.S. Commercial Service Support
The U.S. Commercial Service offers support for resolving shipment issues with foreign customs entities.

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