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Navigate Shipping and Logistics
Ship your product to arrive safely and on time, and avoid the potential of having your product stuck in customs or returned.

Navigate Shipping and Logistics

Once you have identified your new foreign buyers, consider how to best ship your goods to international customers efficiently, securely, and legally. Start by checking with a few different international shipping companies to compare costs and available services. Along with their expertise in shipping documentation, many freight forwarders specialize in certain types of shipments.

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Product Preparation and Shipping Considerations

Preparing your product to ship, choosing shipping options, and completing required documentation are critical steps in a successful export transaction.

Tools and Resources

Preparing Your Product for Export
Some products and their packaging must be altered for export.
Shipping Options
Choosing the right transportation mode is critical. Learn more about your shipping options.
Shipping Documentation
Proper shipping documentation, including filing in AESDirect, is critical for a smooth export transaction.
Related Tariff Issues
Special considerations to reduce your shipping costs.
Customs Information
Use the Customs Info Tariff Tool to find your product's tariff rate.
Export Trading Company
An Export Trade Certificate of Review (ETCR) allows you to work with other companies to reduce shipping costs, boost negotiating power, and develop long-term export business.

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