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Find Buyers and Partners
Your next customer may be in another country. Use our resources to make the search for foreign buyers and partners more efficient and successful.

Find Buyers and Partners

Let Us Help You Find Buyers

Look to international markets for opportunities to grow your business. Nintety-five percent of the world’s consumers are outside of the U.S.  With our information and services, you have help in finding new buyers and partners.

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How to Find Buyers and Partners

You have options for finding the right foreign buyer or partner. Trade shows, trade missions, customized services, and eCommerce are possibilities.

Sales Channels and Matchmaking Options

For small U.S. businesses, finding international buyers and partners doesn’t always come easy. First, decide how your business should enter the market and read our articles for key considerations. Then get support for your efforts with services from the U.S. Commercial Service.
Choose a Sales Channel
Should you sell directly to buyers or indirectly through representatives? Learn about your options. Ensure success with tips and matchmaking services.
Trade Shows
Trade shows in the U.S. and abroad are a great way to meet many potential customers. They provide other benefits to your business too.
Trade Missions
With the visibility of a government-led mission and support on the ground, you'll have a unique opportunity to develop business in foreign countries.
Help Winning Foreign Government Contracts
If you are bidding on foreign public tenders, get help early to improve your competitiveness and chances of success.
Selling Services to International Markets
Get tips to find promising markets, establish an international profile, and win business.
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Business Travel

Ready to meet with a foreign buyer or partner? Here’s what you need to know about unique business practices of another culture, and practical tips for travelling abroad. 

CS Matchmaking Services

Int'l Partner Search

Looking for potential agents, distributors or other strategic partners overseas? We can save you valuable time and money by identifying prospects that match your needs without having to travel to the market.

Gold Key Service

Spend your time doing what you do best - managing your company. Let us identify, vet, and arrange meetings with interested partners when traveling to an overseas market.