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Comply with U.S. and Foreign Regulations
Successful exporters must comply with both U.S. regulations and foreign import requirements.

Comply with U.S. and Foreign Regulations

It can be challenging to understand and comply with U.S. and foreign regulations for your international sales. Some products require an Export License before shipping. Countries have product standards that have to be met, and there are a few countries that you cannot sell to. There are also considerations when shipping to U.S. free trade agreement countries. These resources introduce you to compliance issues and useful tools to protect your business. Get the basics before you ship your product.

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Understanding U.S. and Foreign Regulations

Learn about U.S. and Foreign regulations topics and resources.

Tools to Comply with U.S. and Foreign Import Requirements

These are some of the most commonly used tools to make sure your export sale meets all U.S. and foreign requirements.
U.S. Export Controls
The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) govern the export and re-export of some commodities, software and technology.
Consolidated Screening List
Check the Consolidated Screening List (CSL) that identifies parties for which the U.S. Government maintains restrictions on certain exports, reexports or transfers of items.

Automated Export System
Federal law requires exporters to use the Automated Export System (AES) to report shipments valued at $2,500+ or if it requires an export license.

Free Trade Agreements

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Free Trade Agreements support 40% of U.S. exports.  A major benefit of FTAs is duty free access to select markets. Learn how to benefit from FTAs. 

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