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Negotiate an Export Sale
Negotiate a successful international sale with smart pricing and financing decisions. 

Negotiate an Export Sale

Explore your options for pricing, methods of payment, and financing for your foreign buyers.

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Negotiating an Export Sale: A Video Introduction

In order to price your product properly and give accurate quotations, you need to determine your costs using three key elements: choosing the terms of the sale, selecting the payment method, and calculating taxes and tariffs.

Resources to Negotiate An Export Sale

Know Your Incoterms
Incoterms sets the terms of sale between you and your buyer. Learn the key elements to minimize your export transaction risk.
Pro Forma Invoice
The pro forma invoice can provide a quote to a potential foreign buyer.
Determine the Export Landed Cost with Tariffs/Taxes
Buyers will ask for the landed cost, or total price of getting your export shipment to them. This includes foreign tariffs and taxes.
Methods of Payment
Stay competitive in the global marketplace by offering your international customers attractive sales terms.
Export Credit Insurance
Protect your export sales against nonpayment with export credit insurance from the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

Financing For International Buyers
Turn your business opportunities into real export sales. Explore U.S. government financing options to assist your international buyers.