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SABIT for U.S. Businesses
Information and resources for U.S. Businesses interested in working with SABIT.

SABIT for U.S. Businesses

SABIT owes its success to the support of U.S. businesses who help SABIT host, train, and empower business leaders and entrepreneurs from SABIT’s target countries. In addition to supporting foreign program participants, SABIT’s program also supports U.S. businesses. Over 5,000 host companies have participated with SABIT over the years. In their success stories, many SABIT alumni indicate that they have increased imports and other partnerships with U.S. businesses after their successful completion of the program.  

U.S. companies that work with SABIT might may host a delegation for a tour of their facility, or give a talk about their industry expertise. These exchanges create valuable export opportunities for U.S. businesses and facilitate lasting partnerships. If you or your company is interested in connecting with SABIT, please fill out our interest form below.

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