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SABIT Alumni Reunion
SABIT alumni reunite during a virtual roundtable.

Over the years, SABIT has hosted thousands of foreign participants for programs in the United States. Business leaders or entrepreneurs who have participated in SABIT’s programming cite increased company revenue, job creation, joint venture or licensing, and other commercial successes for their companies or organizations back home. 

SABIT’s work has also helped participants in their personal professional development. SABIT alumni report that they have been promoted or appointed to new positions, started new businesses, or have otherwise grown in their careers after participating with SABIT. Other alumni describe promoting change within their domestic economies. These changes include seeing more economic growth factors, changes in regulation, more participation in the legislative processes, and other civil society successes. 

SABIT regularly hosts formal and informal alumni events for former program participants to stay connected and continue to utilize SABIT programming in their business and professional endeavors. To view a list of our upcoming alumni roundtables, view our virtual programs page.

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