Burma - Country Commercial Guide
Import Requirements and Documentation

Includes import documentation and other requirements for both the U.S. exporter and foreign importer.

Last published date: 2021-09-27

Pre-coup, the democratically elected government embraced important liberalization measures to facilitate trade transactions. From 2013 onwards, the government removed license requirements for 593 imported goods, but other remaining goods required import and export licenses.  Post-coup, the junta-led administration continues to maintain an unpublished list of restricted imports, and it is unclear what regulations are currently being enacted and enforced.

Different rules apply to imports depending on whether they are commercial or non-commercial in nature.  As the laws and regulations governing imports are highly complex, most importers use professional experts such as freight forwarders and customs brokers to assist in planning and carrying out import transactions. 

Special Customs Procedures can be found at Myanmar Trade Portal Government website (https://www.myanmartradeportal.gov.mm/en).