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2022 National Travel and Tourism Strategy
Discover federal efforts to support travel and tourism in the United States. Travel and tourism is a critical driver of economic growth and employment in the United States and integral to the United States’ unmatched cultural reach.

National Travel and Tourism Strategy Overview

2022 National Travel and Tourism Strategy

The Strategy focuses on U.S. government efforts to promote our nation as a premier destination grounded in the breadth and diversity of its communities, and to foster a travel and tourism sector that drives economic growth, creates good jobs, and bolsters conservation and sustainability. Drawing on engagement and capabilities from across the federal government, the Strategy aims to increase not only the volume but also the value of tourism.


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I. Promoting the United States as a Travel Destination

Leverage existing programs and assets to promote the United States to international visitors and broaden marketing efforts to encourage visitation to underserved communities.

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II. Facilitating Travel To and Within the United States

Reduce barriers to trade in travel services and make it safer and more efficient for visitors to enter and travel within the United States.

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III. Ensuring Diverse, Inclusive, and Accessible Tourism Experiences

Extend the benefits of travel and tourism by supporting the development of diverse tourism products, focusing on underserved communities and populations. Address the financial and workplace needs of travel and tourism businesses, supporting destination communities as they expand their tourism economies. Deliver world-class experiences and customer service on federal lands and waters that showcase U.S. assets while protecting them for future generations.

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IV. Fostering Resilient and Sustainable Travel and Tourism

Reduce travel and tourism’s contributions to climate change and build a travel and tourism sector that is resilient to natural disasters, public health threats, and the impacts of climate change. Build a sustainable sector that integrates protecting natural resources, supporting the tourism economy, and ensuring equitable development.

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Whether touring for pleasure, visiting friends and family, or conducting business, millions visit the United States, its territories, and the District of Columbia each year drawn by the promise of unrivaled destinations and experiences.
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As we rebuild the United States’ travel and tourism sector, we have an opportunity not only to strengthen our nation’s global competitiveness, but also to create a more equitable, more resilient, and more sustainable industry.
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The federal government will drive growth, create jobs, and support economic opportunity in communities across the United States while celebrating and protecting the natural and cultural treasures that make the United States unique.