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Our team of U.S. and international industry specialists in 200 global cities is dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. travel and tourism industry, expanding market access, increasing exports, and expanding the worldwide presence of U.S. firms fostering new business contacts.
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Commercial Service "Check In" Series
Join us for a virtual "Check In" featuring our U.S. Embassy Trade Specialists for Travel and Tourism. Gain the very latest insights and information about the covered markets for international visitors to the US.

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International Trade Administration Contacts for the Travel & Tourism Industry

The International Trade Administration offers a range of industry expertise and business development opportunities for U.S. travel and tourism organizations including travel and tourism statistics, market intelligence, and trade events leveraging our National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) and the U.S. Commercial Service’s worldwide network located in 100 offices nationwide and in more than 70 international offices.

Travel and Tourism Contacts

Take advantage of the expertise offered across the International Trade Administration export value chain.

National Travel & Tourism (NTTO) Staff Directory

In addition to providing statistics, the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) creates a positive climate for growth in travel and tourism by reducing institutional barriers to tourism, administers joint marketing efforts, provides official travel and tourism statistics, and coordinates efforts across federal agencies through the Tourism Policy Council. The Office works to enhance the international competitiveness of the U.S. travel and tourism industry and increase its exports, thereby creating U.S. employment and economic growth.  Contact our staff below?

Isabel Hill

Julie Heizer
Deputy Director
Tel: (202) 482-4904

David Huether
Deputy Director for Research

Frank Spector
Deputy Director, Operations

Curt Cottle
Policy and Planning

Jennifer Aguinaga
Policy and Planning

Claudia Wolfe 
(202) 482-4555

Richard Champley
Program Manager & Senior Research Analyst 
(202) 482-4753 

Mark Brown 
(202) 482-4754 

John Terpening 
(202) 482-6390 

Christina Gay 

Margie Parker 
Program Assistant
(202) 482-2408

Melissa Bennett

Schermin Smiley

Global Travel & Tourism Team Leader

Looking for information on upcoming trade events or other business development opportunities? 

Please contact the Global Travel & Tourism Team Leader:

Aron M. Davidson
Global Team Leader for Travel & Tourism

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