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Advisory Committee On Supply Chain Competitiveness
Providing industry's voice in U.S. Federal Government supply chain policies.

ACSCC Members

Members of the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness (ACSCC)

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Ms. Ursula Burns (Co-Chair)
Mr. Jeff Wilke (Co-Chair)
Ms. Revathi Advaithi
Mr. David Ball
Mr. Rainer Blair
Mr. Rick Blasgen
Mr. Gregory Case
Mr. Doug Ceva
Mr. Matthew Cornelius
Mr. Bob Costello
Mr. Jason Craig
Mr. Donald Frieson
Mr. Gary Kelly
Mr. Hau Lee
Ms. Barbara Melvin
Ms. Indra Nooyi
Mr. Sean O’Brien
Mr. James Phillips
Mr. Mike Podue
Mr. Tom Polen
Mr. Eugene Seroka
Mr. Willy Shih
Ms. Elizabeth Shuler
Mr. Juan Villa

ACSCC Co-Chair: Ursula Burns
ACSCC Co-Chair: Jeff Wilke

Data, Innovation, and Technology Subcommittee Chair: Hau Lee

Freight Movement, Policy, and Infrastructure Subcommittee Chair: Gene Seroka

Manufacturing Competitiveness Subcommittee Chair: Revathi Advaithi

Hau Lee (Subcommittee Chair)
Gregory Case
Doug Ceva
Bob Costello
Jason Craig
Mike Podue
Juan Villa

Gene Seroka (Subcommittee Chair)
Rick Blasgen
Doug Ceva
Matt Cornelius
Bob Costello
Jason Craig
Don Frieson
Gary Kelly
Barbara Melvin
Sean O’Brien
Jim Phillips
Mike Podue
Willy Shih
Juan Villa

Revathi Advaithi (Subcommittee Chair)
David Ball
Rainer Blair
Hau Lee
Barbara Melvin
Indra Nooyi
Tom Polen
Willy Shih
Elizabeth Shuler