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Market Intelligence
Germany Hydrogen Grid Infrastructure Development

Hydrogen technology will be a major component of Germany´s planned transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2045.

Energy Germany
Market Intelligence
Germany Financial Technology "FinTech"

The market for “FinTech” is expected to continue grow in Germany as the country offers the necessary digital infrastructure and consumer appetite. 

Financial Services Germany Information Management
Market Intelligence
Vietnam: Outlook for U.S. Travel & Tourism

Despite the being severely affected by the pandemic, the U.S. travel & tourism industry has shown signs of recovery with regards to the Vietnamese market.

Travel and Tourism Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Healthcare

Aging population and patients with chronic diseases are prime challenges for HK Government and offers opportunities for U.S. Healthcare Exporters.

Senior Care Services Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Canada Government Procurements

Canadian Government Tenders Offer Ample Opportunities for U.S. Suppliers.

Public Sector Canada
Market Intelligence
Nigeria Cancer Diagnostics

Nigerian healthcare professionals in the diaspora and foreign private investors have expressed interest in establishing new cancer treatment facilities.

Healthcare Nigeria
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Future Ban on Gas Boilers

The UK Government has announced initiatives to support ambitions to achieve carbon emissions reduction to net zero by 2050.

Oil and Gas United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Canada Alberta Innovative Agriculture Technologies

Alberta Innovates’ Livestock Gentec collaborates with the University of Alberta on a joint research project to develop the “Armchair Rancher” mobile app.

Agribusiness Canada
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom England Delivering a Net Zero National Health Service NHS

A recent report by the National Health Service in England offers plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions. 

Healthcare Facilities United Kingdom
Market Intelligence

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has resources that can help American manufacturers.

Cybersecurity China
Market Intelligence
UAE Abu Dhabi Reduction in License Fees

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) announced reduced requirements for starting a new commercial business by 71%.

Public Sector United Arab Emirates Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
Algeria's new regulation on Import of Finished Goods

A new regulation on imported finished goods by the Algerian government impacts the Algerian trading system.

Agribusiness Algeria Commercial Law
Market Intelligence
UAE Water Project Opportunities

UAE’s water shortage and increased demand present opportunities for U.S. exporters in water technologies.

Water and Wastewater United Arab Emirates Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
India: Opportunities for U.S. Biodegradable and Compostable Resin Manufacturers

The Government of India’s recent policy restricting the use of single use plastics to curb pollution, offers immense opportunities for the U.S. resin suppliers.

Plastic Products South Asia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Qatar Electric Vehicles Challenges and Opportunities

Qatar is positioning itself to be a leader in the Gulf region for the adoption of electric vehicles (EV).

Stationary Fuel Cells Qatar Trade Opportunities