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Market Intelligence
Turkey Chemicals

Pre-registration for KKDIK, Turkey’s new REACH regulation, should be completed by the end of 2020. 

Chemicals Turkey Market Access
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom - REACH

Comprehensive guidance is available on post Brexit requirements for companies exporting chemicals to the UK and EU via UK REACH. 

Chemicals United Kingdom Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Sweden Digital Healthcare Services Market Overview

Sweden aims to be the best in the world in offering digital healthcare services by 2025. US software and EHR companies have great opportunities in the market.

Health Information Technology Sweden
Market Intelligence
Serbia Infrastructure Country Starts Preparations for Specialized Expo 2027

Serbia infrastructure

Construction Technology Serbia
Market Intelligence
South Africa Agribusiness Newest Agri-tech trends

What are some of the newest trends related to Agri-tech in South Africa?

Agricultural Biotechnology South Africa
Market Intelligence
Mexico CyberSecurity Market

The cybersecurity market in Mexico is expected to continue growing as the digitalization efforts continue and cyber-attacks become more frequent.

Cybersecurity Mexico
Market Intelligence
Israel Agribusiness Need for More Traditional Technologies Due to Impact from Iron Swords War

Smart farming in Israel: harnessing the power of GPS tracking in precision agriculture

Agribusiness Israel
Market Intelligence
West Bank Healthcare Sector & Medical Device Registration 2024 Overview

2024 Overview of the West Bank Healthcare Sector & Medical Device Registration

Healthcare West Bank and Gaza
Market Intelligence
Israel Medical Devices Import Reform

The medical devices import reform is purposed to alleviate some of the regulatory burdens of the import process

Medical Devices Israel
Market Intelligence
Israel Artificial Intelligence Partnering Opportunities

Israel launches the national AI program to enhance government services

System Infrastructure Software Israel
Market Intelligence
Chile Artificial Intelligence Solutions RFI

Chile’s Subsecretary for the Prevention of Crime has issued a request for information for artificial intelligence solutions to improve public security.

Information and Communication Technology Chile
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Hydrocarbons Law

El Salvador’s reforms to hydrocarbons laws create opportunities for U.S. companies to explore the existence of oil and natural gas in the country.

Oil and Gas El Salvador
Market Intelligence
El Salvador ICT 6GHz Spectrum

El Salvador opened the full 6 gigahertz spectrum for unlicensed technologies, expanding the export market for Wi-Fi 6E devices.

Information and Communication Technology El Salvador
Market Intelligence
Thailand Eldercare Facilities

Thailand’s aging population creates demands for eldercare facilities and related business opportunities.

Healthcare Thailand Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Energy Government Strategy

Strategy papers published by the Malaysian Government in 2023 outline the country’s energy transition priorities and goals leading up to 2050.

Renewable Energy Malaysia Trade Opportunities