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Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Renewable Energy

Ethiopia has renewable energy resources with the potential to generate over 60,000 MW of electric power from hydroelectric, wind, solar and geothermal sources.

Renewable Energy Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Budget Analysis 2022/23

Among of the main objectives Tanzania’s budget is to build the economy,and reduce poverty and unemployment, especially to the youth.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Tanzania Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Angola Energy Transition

Sonangol, the former Angolan fuel concessionaire which once held a number of companies not linked to oil and gas is now becoming a clean energy company.

Energy Angola
Market Intelligence
Kenya Cold Chain Solutions

Kenya’s growing, largely agricultural based economy is creating a demand for new cold chain solutions.  

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Kenya
Market Intelligence
Taiwanese Travelers Eager to Return to the United States

The United States remains the #1 long-haul destination for Taiwan’s outbound travelers.

Travel and Tourism Taiwan
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Health & Fitness

American fitness franchises are encouraged to consider opportunities in Hong Kong. 

Franchising Hong Kong Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Brazil Mining Sector

Brazil’s mining sector revenue increased 62% in 2021. The sector remains an excellent prospect for U.S. companies supplying the mining sector. 

Environmental Technology Brazil
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Agricultural Equipment

U.S. companies that can supply equipment and technology for food processing plants have great opportunity in the Ethiopian market.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Healthcare

Ethiopians live primarily in rural and subsistence agricultural areas with poor access to safe water, housing, sanitation, food and health services.

Healthcare Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Singapore Air Traffic Control

Singapore strives to make air travel safer and will study the use of communications satellites for enhanced saftey. 

Air Traffic Control Equipment Singapore
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Carbon Market Opportunities

Hong Kong’s Green and Sustainable Finance Cross-Agency Steering Group released a detailed Carbon Market Opportunities Report in March of 2022.

Banking Hong Kong Climate
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Demand for EdTech

Growing edtech demand from Hong Kong Universities presents opportunities for U.S. edtech suppliers.

Educational Technology Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Hungary Regulatory Framework for Hydrogen

The European Commission will continue to improve the regulatory framework to assist development of energy infrastructure.

Electricity Infrastructure EU Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Education EdTech

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) announced a $672 million Digital Learning Improvement Project for 2022 to 2025.

Education Taiwan Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Singapore Precision Medicine Study

Singapore aims to generate 100,000 genomes over a 10-year period

Biopharmaceuticals Singapore