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Market Intelligence
Czech Republic Non-lead Ammunition

The EU restrictions on lead in ammunition will have a significant impact on the Czech hunting market. 

Defense Equipment Czech Republic Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Germany Filmed Entertainment Industry

Given its high standard of living and large population, many of whom speak English, Germany is a large market for filmed entertainment from abroad.

Media and Entertainment Germany
Market Intelligence
Australia Renewable Energy

 The growth in the renewable energy sector in Australia over the past five years has been significant. 

Electricity Infrastructure Australia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Sweden eHealth Market

Overview of the Swedish eHealth market’s structure and opportunities. 

Health Information Technology Europe Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Sweden Advanced Manufacturing

Opportunities in the Swedish advanced and smart manufacturing smart, resulting in sustainable and resource-effective production.

Equipment and Machinery Europe Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Kuwait Construction

Kuwait Promotes Public-Private Partnerships with New Law

Design and Construction Services Kuwait
Market Intelligence
Kuwait Agriculture

New opportunities in the agriculture sector in Kuwait

Agribusiness Kuwait
Market Intelligence
Kuwait Defense


Safety and Security Kuwait
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Capurro Fishing Port Concession

This project is for the concession of a fishing port terminal in the Port of Montevideo. 

Food Processing Equipment Uruguay Sea Transport
Market Intelligence
Australia Education

Int’l education is Australia’s 4th biggest export valued at $27B in 2019 covering higher education, Vocational & Training services, schools, and non-award.

Education Australia Export Marketing
Market Intelligence
Australia Industrial Additive Manufacturing

The value of Australia’s total Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing market is estimated at USD70 million. 

3D Printing Australia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Sweden Smart Built Environment

Sweden’s built environment market, design and construction, energy-efficient buildings, and distributed energy technologies may be attractive to U.S. firms. 

Design and Construction Europe Exports
Market Intelligence
Peru Franchising Opportunities

U.S. companies may want to enter Peru’s home food delivery market.

Franchising Peru
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Agricultural Equipment and Fertilizer

Burmese agribusiness companies aim to partner with high-quality American agricultural equipment and fertilizer brands.

Agribusiness Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
New Zealand’s electric vehicle opportunities

New Zealand Government Incentives are announced to enhance electric vehicle sales.

Automotive Retailers New Zealand Road Transport