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Market Intelligence
Singapore Budget 2023

The 2023 Singapore Budget focuses on strengthening the country’s social compact, addressing weather challenges and seizing opportunities for the future.

Business and Professional Services Singapore
Market Intelligence
Italy Design and Construction Smart City Market

Italy to spend over $18 billion on smart cities and intelligent transportation by 2026.

Design and Construction Italy
Market Intelligence
Turkey Green Energy and Clean Technologies

Turkey is the second best country in Europe for solar power generation based on solar intensity and availability, yielding opportunity for development.

Market Intelligence
Turkey Civilian Aerospace and Space

Turkey is a growing aerospace hub for markets in Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and North Africa.

Aerospace and Defense Turkey
Market Intelligence
Brazil Airports Expansion

Brazil announces $350 billion infrastructure investment funding a series of airport expansions. 

Airport and Ground Support Equipment Brazil Air Transport
Market Intelligence
Brazil Announces Investment to Clean Tiete River

The plan to clean the Tiete River includes multiple projects and fosters public-private partnerships.

Waste Management and Recycling Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil - Opportunity for Prefabricated Construction Firms

Learn more about the plan in Brazil to launch a pilot project for planned communities.

Design and Construction Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Oil and Gas Useful Tool To Identify Trends and Tools

Brazil’s largest oil producer has useful tool to identify trends and business opportunities.

Oil and Gas Brazil
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Permitted Offshore Account

Learn more about how Ethiopia approves the use of offshore bank accounts for strategic investments.

Banking Ethiopia Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Automotive Electric Vehicles Action Plan

Emerging Opportunities in Slovakia’s Electric Vehicle Market 

Automotive Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Biofuels Blending Mandate

The Government of Mozambique mandated that biofuels be blended with gasoline and diesel; a major opportunity for U.S. Companies.

Renewable Fuels Mozambique Renewable Energy Targets
Market Intelligence
Brazil ICT Digital Transformation

Business opportunities in Brazil’s digital economy abound as consumer behavior evolves. 

eCommerce Industry Brazil
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Clean Energy Hydrogen in Automotive Industry

New Opportunities for Hydrogen in Slovakia’s Automotive Industry

Automotive Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Brazil Clinical Medical Tests at Drugstores

Learn about new opportunities in the healthcare sector as Brazil approves clinical tests to be performed at drugstores and clinics.

Medical Devices Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Urgent Needs US Salt Supply

Information on mining companies in Brazil that are seeking U.S. supply of salt for processing Rare Earths.

Environmental Remediation Brazil Soil Conservation