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Market Intelligence
Poland Automotive Decarbonization of heavy road transport

Heavy road transport is an important sector in Poland, but in view of the European climate zero-emission targets, it will have to undergo a transformation.

Fueling Infrastructure Stations Poland Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Poland increased its contribution to the European Space Agency

In 2023, Poland increased its contribution to the European Space Agency for the years 2023-2025, which will lead to new projects for the Polish space sector.

Space Poland Regional Integration
Market Intelligence
Mexico Steel and Aluminum Import Requirements

The Mexican government has established temporary import tariffs ranging from 5% to 50% for 544 HS codes.

Iron and Steel Mexico Customs and Boarder Measures
Market Intelligence
Japan 3D Printing Market

Are you a U.S. 3D printing manufacturing company looking to expand your global footprint?  Learn more about your next market - Japan.

Equipment and Machinery Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
European Commission's efforts to counter unfair market practices by the PRC

The European Commission has taken action in the past several weeks to tackle the PRC’s unfair market practices

Security Technology EU International Trade Law
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Agricultural Technology

Agricultural practices in Indonesia are undergoing a digital transition, with increased focus on new technologies like e-platforms and drones.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Agricultural Fertilizer

In Indonesia, known for vast rice paddies, a shift towards organic sustainable practices is gaining traction due to a shortage of locally produced fertilizer.

Agricultural Biotechnology Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Healthcare Medicines and Supplies

A procurement agreement between the Ministry of Health and UNOPS increases competition and provides procurement opportunities to U.S. healthcare companies.

Medical Devices Guatemala
Market Intelligence
African Continental Free Trade Area Investment Protocol

AfCFTA Parties Approve Investment Protocol

Food and Beverage North Africa African Continental Free Trade Area
Market Intelligence
Japan Food Packaging

Japan updates the food packaging and container substances allowance. 

Industrial Materials Japan Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
South Africa Energy ESKOM unbundling update

Approved Licensing of the National Transmission Company of South Africa (NTCSA) by National Energy Regulator of South Africa 

Energy South Africa
Market Intelligence
Israel’s US-Bound Travel and Tourism Market 2024

Israel’s US-Bound Travel and Tourism Market 2024

Travel and Tourism Israel
Market Intelligence
Israel Infrastructure Pipeline Opportunities for U.S. Industry

Israel’s Infrastructure Pipeline: Opportunities for the U.S. Industry

Design and Construction Israel
Moving with Africa Market Intelligence Cover
Market Intelligence
Moving with Africa Market Intelligence Report 2024

Ten markets in Sub Saharan Africa have written market briefs to give a high-level overview of the opportunities and challenges in their respective markets. 

Automotive Sub-Saharan Africa Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Water Treatment

In New Zealand, opportunities persist for water monitoring and testing technology.

Water and Wastewater New Zealand