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Market Intelligence
Mozambique Cold Chain

The poor road quality between farmers and sellers create long transit times and decrease product shelf time, enforcing the need for refrigerated transportation.

Distribution and Logistics Mozambique Cold Storage
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Local Content Program Training Opportunities

Mozambique’s Local Content Group (LCG) seeks to promote Human Skills Development to Strengthen Local Small and Medium Enterprises and Develop Financing Lines.

Education Mozambique
Market Intelligence
China Hydrogen Vehicle Market

China showcased hydrogen-powered vehicles during the 2022 Winter Olympics with further growth expected.

Specialty Vehicles China
Market Intelligence
China Solid Waste and Recycling Market

China announced its “30/60 decarbonization goal”, presenting opportunities for U.S. companies with expertise in bulk solid waste and resource recycling.

Waste Management and Recycling China
Market Intelligence
Qatar Waste Management and Recycling Opportunities

Qatar’s sustainable strategic plan for waste management and recycling

Recycling Qatar Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana New Oil Blocks

Ghana’s Energy Ministry announced that it will offer new oil blocks in Ghana’s Western and Eastern Basins for exploration through direct negotiations.

Oil and Gas Ghana Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Kenya E-Mobility

Kenya’s transport sector is one of the main contributors of greenhouse gas emissions due to the sector’s predominant use of fossil fuel. 

Industries Kenya Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Qatar New Healthcare Insurance Law

The Healthcare Services Law No. 22 of 2021 (the New Healthcare Insurance Law)

Global Health and Relief Services Qatar Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Services

Ghana has extended its domestic value added tax (VAT) to non-resident digital services providers.

eCommerce Industry Ghana Revenues
Market Intelligence
Brazil Digital Transformation

Business opportunities in Brazil’s digital economy abound as consumer behavior evolves

Information and Communication Technology Brazil
Market Intelligence
Singapore Tenders for Lifts at Overhead Bridges

Tenders for works will be published in 2024.

Design and Construction Services Singapore
Market Intelligence
Romania Digital Transformation

Start for the Digital Transformation of Romania

Information and Communication Technology Romania
Market Intelligence
Serbia Nuclear Technology

Serbia Considering Nuclear Technology for Clean Energy Transition

Energy Serbia
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Cooperative Missile Technology

The UK’s Defence Science and Technical Lab seeks to identify and develp novel technologies for a new category of cooperative missiles. 

Aerospace and Defense United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Green Building Market

Taiwan’s net-zero goals presents opportunities for U.S. green building suppliers.

Environmental Technology Taiwan Environmental Management