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Market Intelligence
Hungary Robotic Surgery

Hungary aims to make robot-assisted surgery accessible to an increased number of patients.

Surgical and Medical Instruments Hungary Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
South Africa Electric Vehicles

 South Africa needs to adapt and include the provision of electric vehicles in the local market which may create opportunities for U.S. firms and consultants.

Automotive South Africa
Market Intelligence
Central Asia Pivot

Central Asia, foisted into the spotlight by events out of their control, is quickly adapting to a region that is becoming ever more critical to global trade.

Market Intelligence
Panama Mining

Panama has one of the highest concentrations of copper per unit area in the world.

Metals Panama Industrial Development
Market Intelligence
Nigeria Healthcare Investment

Nigeria plans to build a world-class hospital in the country’s capital, Abuja, as part of efforts to strengthen the country’s underdeveloped healthcare system.

Healthcare Nigeria
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Explosive Devices IEDs

The Ministry of Defence’s Defence Science and Technical Lab seeks Counter-IED technologies that use novel Radio Frequency (RF) techniques.

Defense Equipment United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Colombia Fertilizer Market

Colombia relies on imported raw materials for fertilizer production.

Agricultural Chemicals Colombia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Mexico Trade Facilitation

The Mexican government has exempted traders and logistics providers from complying with recently enacted requirements related to the Carta Porte Complement.

Agribusiness Mexico Customs and Boarder Measures
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Halal Certification

More than 60 percent of the Malaysian population practices Islam as their religion. Malaysia has developed a detailed halal certification for medical devices.

Medical Devices Malaysia Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Airport and Train Development

New regulations will speed the development of a new airport and train construction highlighting opportunities for U.S. suppliers of technology and equipment. 

Industries El Salvador
Market Intelligence
Argentina Sanitary Emergency Status

Argentina has extended its emergency healthcare measures to combat the pandemic until the end of 2022.

Healthcare Argentina
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia New Copyright Classifications

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) has broadened the scope of copyright registration to creative works.

Industries Saudi Arabia Copyright
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Cybersecurity

The Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) mandates registration process for cybersecurity solution providers.

Cybersecurity Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Net Neutrality Regulatory Framework

The Communications & Information Technology Commission (CITC) Published the Net Neutrality Regulations for Public Comments.

Information and Communication Technology Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Pan-African Payment and Settlement System

Africa launches a new system to allow companies in Africa to pay for trade transactions in local currencies.  

Financial Services Africa Finance