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Market Intelligence
Philippines Cybersecurity Market

The Philippines is one of the largest markets for Business Process Outsourcing, with much of the world’s data held and processed in the country.

Cybersecurity Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
Brazil Automotive Green Mobility Investment

$22 Billion Green Mobility investment is planned in the Brazilian automotive industry.

Automotive Brazil Investment and Service Barriers
Market Intelligence
Indonesia New Capital City Nusantara

U.S. companies can find smart city opportunities in Nusantara.

Information and Communication Technology Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Semiconductors

There are opportunities for U.S. firms in Malaysia’s semiconductor industry.

Semiconductors Malaysia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Australian Strategic Defense Review

The Australian Strategic Defense set the agenda for ambitious reform and a blueprint for policy, defense planning and resourcing for the coming decades. 

Defense Equipment Australia Trade Policy
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Retail Security

New Zealand offers U.S. companies selling retail security products and services a small, yet growing market.

Security Technology New Zealand Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Ghana AfCFTA Guided Trade Initiative Update

Landmark initiative to implement the AfCFTA gains steam. 

Agribusiness Africa Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana Scam and Fraud Alert

A guide for companies to avoid fraud and scams allegedly associated with Ghanaian-based entities. 

Safety and Security Africa Risk Management
Market Intelligence
Ghana ICT Energy Efficiency Labeling

Ghanaian regulators provide supplemental guidance on how to comply with new energy efficiency labeling requirements. 

Computer Hardware Africa Labeling
Market Intelligence
Ghana Industrial Materials Critical Minerals Graphite

With a new high quality graphite find, Ghana solidifies its role as a potential critical minerals supplier to the electrical vehicle value chain.


Rare Earth Metals Africa Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Chile Mining Opportunity in Latin America’s Lithium Triangle

ENAMI, a salt flat co-owner, is requesting proposals for brine extraction and characterization technologies. RFI closing date is April 20, 2024. 

Inorganic Chemicals Chile Investment
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Environmental Technology Waste Management Opportunities

Kazakhstan Solid Waste Opportunities

Municipal Solid Waste Kazakhstan
Market Intelligence
Thailand Port Authority Upgrade Five Ports

Port Authority of Thailand Aims to Upgrade Five Ports to Smart Ports

Ports Infrastructure and Services Thailand Exports
Market Intelligence
Poland Defense Aegis Ashore system base in Redzikowo handed over to U.S. Navy

AAMDS Poland, an element of the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System will soon be ready to operate under NATO command and control.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Poland Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Peru Energy Gas Pipeline Consulting

This is a consulting opportunity within Peru’s Integrated Gas Transport System, inviting energy infrastructure and project management firms.

Oil and Gas Peru