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Market Intelligence
Singapore Cybersecurity Market

Singapore’s government invests in numerous initiatives to enhance the country’s cyber defenses. 

Cybersecurity Singapore
Market Intelligence
Israel Import Taxes and Duties Exemption Routes and Temporary Importations

Certain goods qualify for full or partial exemption from import taxes and duties, either by obtaining an ATA Carnet or through importation ‘green routes’.

Israel Import Fees
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Defense Seeks Innovators for Next Generation Satellite Communications Network

The Ministry of Defence seeks Industry innovation to define its next generation of military communications satellites.

Satellites United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Israel Cosmetic and Personal Care Products Import Reform

The Israeli Government has launched a reform intended to ease and simplify importation of cosmetic and personal care products into Israel.

Cosmetics and Toiletries Israel
Market Intelligence
Poland’s Space Market

The Polish space sector has been developing rapidly since Poland’s accession to the European Space Agency in 2012.

Space Poland Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Digital Governance

The World Bank approved a $150 million Digital Governance and Economy Project (EDGE) aimed towards developing Mozambique’s digital public services.

Telecommunications Equipment Mozambique Public Administration
Market Intelligence

U.S. businesses can tap into China’s flourishing pet care market through the U.S. Commercial Service.

Industries China
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Irrigation Systems

Mozambique aims to mobilize over $4.2 5 billion in conjunction with international donors to strengthen agriculture productivity.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Mozambique Climate
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Poultry Processing

In 2022, the Government of Mozambique passed legislation which inhibits the clandestine slaughter of chickens for sale. 

Livestock Mozambique Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Market Intelligence
China Automotive Motorcycles

Heavyweight motorcycles (250CC and above) are becoming more popular, which may drive more U.S. exports.  

Automotive China Transport and Logistics
Market Intelligence
China Automotive Pick-Up Trucks

Pick-up truck sales rise as more cities ease driving restrictions. 

Automotive China Transport and Logistics
Market Intelligence
Nigeria Infrastructure Ondo State Multipurpose Deep Seaport Project

Government of Nigeria Approves Development of the Ondo State Multipurpose Deep Seaport Project

Design and Construction Nigeria
Market Intelligence
Brazil Oil and Gas Useful Tool To Identify Trends and Tools

Brazil’s largest oil producer has useful tool to identify trends and business opportunities.

Oil and Gas Brazil
Market Intelligence
Ghana Avoiding Scams in International Trade and Business

Advance-fee scams entrap hundreds of U.S. companies annually.  

Ghana Finance
Market Intelligence
South Africa Energy Farmers experience electricity challenges

Energy demands are increasing and reliance on the state to provide electricity is causing concern amongst businesses. 

Renewable Energy South Africa