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Market Intelligence
New Market Openings for Intra-African Trade

African countries work to open five key services sectors to one another in the AfCFTA. 

Financial Services Africa Trade Policy and Agreements
Market Intelligence
Thailand’s ‘Nan’ airport expansion opens opportunities for U.S. airport technologies

Thailand’s tourist airport, Nan Nakhon, will undergo Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for airport expansion, an opportunity for U.S. airport technologies.

Defense Equipment Thailand Exports
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Economy

The Ghanaian Government outlines its priorities in the digital/ICT sector for 2022-2023. 

eCommerce Industry Ghana
Market Intelligence
Chile Energy Storage

Chile’s goal to achieve 80% renewable grid by 2030 and a 100% zero emissions grid by 2050, will require an estimated 2,000 MW of energy storage every 10 years.

Renewable Energy Chile
Market Intelligence

Cape Town has a long history of responding to the climate challenge in a progressive and technically sound manner.

Environmental Technology South Africa Environmental Management
Market Intelligence
Romania Defense

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced an increase the country’s defense budget from 2% to 2.5% of GDP in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 

Aerospace and Defense Romania
Market Intelligence
The Philippine Health IT

The Philippines is integrating information technology (IT) into healthcare to implement better programs for enhanced patient care.

Information and Communication Technology Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Renewable Energy

Guatemala is working on policies to promote efficient energy supply offering opportunities for U.S. companies to provide technology and know-how. 

Renewable Energy Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Digital Economy

Ethiopia is pursuing a digital transformation strategy to digitize the economy by 2025.

Information and Communication Technology Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Poland Hydrogen Strategy

By 2050, Poland may become one of the most competitive producers of green hydrogen in the European Union. 

Energy Poland
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Education Partners and Vocational Training

The Malaysian Government seeks education partners to provide technical and vocational training to meet demand for skilled labor. 

Professional Continuing Education Malaysia Partnership
Market Intelligence
Mexico Metal Mechanics

The continued inflow of FDI in Mexico by OEM and Tier manufacturers is increasing the opportunities for U.S. suppliers of the metal-mechanics industry.

Mining Equipment and Machinery Mexico
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Payment

Digital payment channels, led by Mobile Money, transform personal finance in Ghana.

Financial Services Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana CARES Program

The Ghanaian Government’s industrial development priorities for 2022 and 2023 are outlined in its CARES Progam. 

Agribusiness Ghana Development Plans
Market Intelligence
South Africa’s e-sports and gaming

The youth population is critical to the future of gaming and esports. Half of the population on the African continent will be under the age of 24 by 2050. 

Toys and Games South Africa