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Globalization, environmental developments, global terrorism, organized crime, and the digitization of both private and public sectors are driving growth in Estonia’s economy, raising both opportunities and threats to safety and security. Estonia faces the same threat of international terrorism and organized crime as other European countries due to its participation in the Schengen area, though its border with Russia increases its vulnerability. The total size of the Estonian safety and security market is about €188 million. Annual sales of security technology are about €92 million and security services account for about €90 million in sales annually. There is growing demand for U.S. made equipment used in access control, contraband detection, surveillance, and law enforcement.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Access control equipment, biometrics applications, law enforcement supplies and equipment, forensics equipment, and surveillance equipment, including CCTV systems, and residential alarms.

Fire is a concern for residential and commercial building managers because many of the Soviet-era buildings contain antiquated electrical and structural components.


Information on government procument opportunit

ies in the intelligent transport sector are availble on the EU Tenders Electronic Daily site.


Estonian Defense Industry Association

Estonian Security Companies Association