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In recent years, the Estonian government and private sector have begun improving transportation networks using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), advanced applications and services to efficiently manage use of infrastructure.  Examples of ITS in Estonia include the Smart Port Solution, AI-based sales prediction solutions for logistic companies, the Border Queue Management Service, and mobile parking applications.

Estonia was the first country to legalize the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads.  The government has adopted a plan to create a fleet management system to integrate self-driving vehicles into the public transport system with journey planning and call-to-order bus stops.  The government is also planning to launch pilots in other public service areas to seek new models of public service delivery based on autonomous mobility.

The Self-Driving Vehicles and Autonomous Systems research group of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has developed and is testing an autonomous vehicle shuttle, Iseauto.  TalTech signed a co-operation agreement in 2019 with Florida Polytechnic University to develop and increase security of automated vehicles.

Starship is testing food and package delivery robots, offering people convenient new services.  Milrem Robotics is manufacturing unmanned ground vehicles for defense and security forces, commercial and industrial clients, and rescue services.  The Estonian robotic-based parcel terminal manufacturer, Clevon, has also developed autonomous delivery trucks.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Autonomous systems, in particular, localization and mission planning, motion parameters and path following, object detection and obstacle avoidance, sensor fusion and simulations.


Information on government procument opportunities in the intelligent transport sector are availble on the EU Tenders Electronic Daily site. 


Tallinn City Innovation Center, Tallinnovation