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Estonia is one of the most energy independent countries in the EU due to domestically mined oil shale, which accounts for 55 percent of the Estonian energy mix. Biofuels – mainly woodchips – account for 30 percent of energy, gas is seven percent, other renewables are six percent, and other fossil fuels are two percent. Estonia is on the verge of a major energy transition that will involve significantly reducing the role of domestically produced oil shale in the country’s future energy mix. Offshore wind energy in Estonia is an emerging sector that holds significant promise for the country’s renewable energy future. Estonia’s location along the Baltic Sea coast provides it with a substantial offshore wind energy resource.  According to a study conducted by the European Wind Energy Association, the Baltic Sea has the potential to generate up to 40 percent of the European Union’s total wind energy by 2030.  The relatively shallow waters of the Baltic Sea are ideal for offshore wind farm development.  Estonia has initiated several offshore wind parks projects in its waters.  Estonia is actively working on improving its grid infrastructure and interconnections with neighboring countries to ensure the smooth integration of offshore wind energy into the national electricity grid.  This will enable the export of surplus energy to neighboring countries.

Like any emerging industry, offshore wind energy in Estonia faces challenges, including initial capital costs, regulatory hurdles, and the need for skilled labor. Additionally, ensuring energy storage solutions to address intermittency issues is vital.

Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Energy saving and storage technology
  • Offshore wind physical and cyber securitySmart grid technology


Information on government procument opportunities in the energy sector are availble on the EU Tenders Electronic Daily site.


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