Estonia - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling and Marking Requirements
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The following information is required in Estonian on retail packaging or must otherwise be marked on the product with a sticker, label, or by other means:

- Name of product (indicating clearly the contents of the package)

- Name of the manufacturer or the name of the company that had the product manufactured

- Amount of contents (weight or volume of the contents to be specified with measures in the metric system)

If warranted, the contents of the product, care instructions, operating instructions, and a warning of possible danger related to the use or disposal of the product should also be included on the retail packaging or otherwise clearly identified on the product.

A retail-size food package must show the name of the manufacturer, packer or importer, commercial name of the product, net metric weight or volume, ingredients in descending order of weight, last recommended date of sale, and storage instructions if perishable or intended for infants.  This information described above must be provided in Estonian.

The Packaging Act and Packaging Excise Duty Act includes more information about packaging requirements.

An overview of EU mandatory and voluntary labeling and marking requirements has been compiled in a market research report.