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Only companies licensed by the Ministry of Health may import drugs, medical supplies, or medical equipment.  As of December 2022, Cambodia has 3,379 registered pharmacies, 592 drug import/export companies and branches, and 33 medicine and medical supply manufacturing institutions.  In addition to the formal market, there is a gray market of smuggled pharmaceuticals that are often counterfeit.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects

The Ministry of Health is the single largest purchaser of drugs, medical supplies, and medical equipment.  As of 2022, Cambodia had 132 public hospitals and 1,288 public health centers nationwide.  However, the proportion of healthcare provided by the private sector is increasing, offering potential opportunities for sales of medical supplies and medical equipment.  Out-of-pocket expenditures represent 60 percent of current health expenditures.  Health insurance targeting the budding middle class is in growing demand, as poorer populations are increasingly supported by government and NGO-provided healthcare, and wealthier populations purchase policies from international insurance companies.  Cambodia currently has 18 general insurance companies and 14 life insurance companies.


U.S.-made drugs and medical equipment are well regarded in Cambodia.  There is potential for U.S. companies in the medical sector to enter the market or expand existing market share.  Medical devices with significant sales potential include diagnostic and imaging equipment such as ultrasound machines, x-ray machines, and CT scanners.  Local major pharmaceutical importers have expressed interest in importing U.S.-made products, particularly medicine and health supplement products.


  • Ministry of Health
  • Department of Drugs and Food
  • Insurance Regulator of Cambodia
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • General Department of Customs and Excise
Table: Imports of Medicine
Imports of Medicine20182019202020212022
Total Imports201230242677368

Unit:  USD millions

Source: General Department of Customs and Excise