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With more than 50 percent of Cambodia’s population under the age of 25, the market is seeing increasing demand for foreign brands from the United States, Europe, and other ASEAN countries.  Most of the market share goes to the food and beverage sectors, with consumer spending of approximately 41 percent on average; the rest includes fashion, hospitality, car rental, real estate services, cleaning, and education.

Cambodia is host to over 130 international and local franchise brands.  Food and restaurant brands are popular franchises in Cambodia.  U.S. franchises in Cambodia include Dairy Queen, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Carl’s Jr., Cold Stone Creamery, Papa John’s, Louisiana Fried Chicken, Texas Chicken, and the Hard Rock Cafe.  Other foreign food and restaurant franchises present in Cambodia are from Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, and Australia.  Non-food franchises include ChemDry, Century 21, Hertz, Avis, 7-Eleven, Marriott, and Hyatt.

Leading Sub-Sector

Retail space is growing fast in Cambodia, in particular shopping malls and convenience stores over the last several years.  In addition to local-branded supermarkets such as Lucky, Thai Huot, Bayon, and Chip Mong, major international players have entered Cambodia including Japanese-owned AEON Mall and Supermarkets (2014), Thai-owned Makro supermarket (2017), Canadian-owned convenience store Circle K (2018), Japanese-owned convenience store 7-Eleven (2021), and Korean-owned convenience store Emart24 (2023).


Significant opportunities exist in the range of fast food/drink options from hamburgers to coffee shops to mid-range restaurant franchise chains.  There may also be market potential for hypermarket and convenience store franchises.


Ministry of Commerce

General Department of Customs and Excise

The National Bank of Cambodia

TAble: Imports of Beverages
Imports of Beverages20182019202020212022
Total Imports318339328272273

Unit:  USD millions

Source: General Department of Customs and Excise

*Note: Beverage includes Beverage, Spirits, and Vinegar