Cambodia - Country Commercial Guide
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Demand for educational services in Cambodia is high as 50 percent of the local population is under the age of 25.  Many Cambodians recognize the importance of education in securing better employment opportunities.  Higher education in Cambodia is growing rapidly, with considerable private, local, and international investment.  Quality and diversity of educational services, however, remain low, particularly with respect to vocational training.  A common complaint among local companies is the difficulty of finding well-qualified employees, particularly for technical positions or those requiring vocational skills.  Many Cambodian private universities seek international partners to increase the quality and competitiveness of their courses.  E-learning content, educational engagement resources, and offline platforms are in great demand. 

Leading Sub-Sectors

There is significant demand for all types of education.  NGOs provide useful vocational training for underprivileged Cambodians to join the work force, but professional vocational training targeted at mid-level workers is particularly underdeveloped.  Cambodians are eager to learn, and U.S.-sourced education is very highly regarded in all fields.  English-language training is also an increasingly attractive prospect.  The option for school or university study abroad is available to a small but growing number of Cambodians.


Significant commercial opportunities exist in vocational, specialized, pre-school, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education sectors.  Education technology and information and communication technologies (ICT) are also good prospects in Cambodia.


Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport

Cambodia Higher Education Association

Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training