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An increasing number of Cambodia’s urban residents are willing to pay for high quality imported products.  Cambodia’s emerging middle class also increasingly demands higher levels of comfort and convenience.  Anecdotal evidence from shopping mall outlets indicates a growing demand for new and innovative products to increase the quality of life for Cambodians. 

Leading Sub-Sectors

Numerous American consumer products, including appliances, are available in Phnom Penh’s expanding number of supermarkets and retail shops.  Because of Cambodia’s tropical climate, there is significant demand for air conditioning equipment, and several U.S. brands are available in Cambodia.  The most popular models are split units with remote control features.  Very few buildings have central air conditioning, but there is a market for industrial-scale equipment in Cambodia’s garment and footwear industries.  The high cost of electricity makes energy efficiency a strong selling point for any type of appliance in Cambodia.


Domestic water purification equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning equipment, and energy-efficient household appliances are all in great demand.  There is an increasing appetite for luxury consumer goods, including home furnishings, among those with sufficient disposable income.


  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • General Department of Customs and Excise


Table: Total Imports of Electrical Equipment
Imports of Electrical Equipment20182019202020212022
Total Imports7771,0661,1821,1901,464

Unit:  USD millions

Source: General Department of Customs and Excise

*Note: Electrical equipment includes electrical machinery and equipment, sound recording and reproduction, televisions and accessories.