Rural Success is Our Goal
Rural exporters come from every industry and every corner of America. RAISE has already been helping clients in North Dakota and Minnesota for years. Over 30 reports have been delivered with complete client satisfaction. Read on to discover how clients used a variety of different reports to reach their full potential in overseas markets.

Rural Successes

Click here to view a video series produced by the US Commercial Service / North Dakota that details the export journey to success of six rural companies.

Rural Success Stories

Tackling Complexity with Focus
Adsorptech’s approached the Rural Export Center for customized market research following participation in a webinar on export distributor agreements. With a complex, technical product, they worked closely with the Rural Export Center to determine what their focused research report would include. The focused approach yielded a distribution partner that was included in the original RAISE report. 
Heritage Tractor is Not Just in Kansas Anymore
Heritage Tractor developed a relationship with their local US Commercial Service office this past year. As they explained their needs to their local office, they determined that Heritage was a great fit for customized market research with the Rural Export Center. It didn’t take long before the research yielded sales for the agricultural equipment company.
Swanson Health Products Brings Vigor to Latin America
Located in Fargo, North Dakota, vitamin company Swanson Health Products recently found themselves with an interesting predicament: in targeting the continent of Latin America for expansion, there was more demand than they were able to supply. Swanson confronted this challenge by using RAISE in-depth market research from the Rural Export Center to help guide their decision.
PRx Performance Powers Up Exports to Canada
A Fargo, North Dakota, squat rack manufacturer found a need for their product by looking north. PRx Performance conducted a RAISE market research matrix and report through the Rural Export Center to narrow down where they would find the most international success.
Sea Foam Drives Success Overseas
Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a well known fuel additive for cars, trucks, boats, lawn mowers, etc. Sea Foam International participated in ExporTech in 2016 and decided to take their export strategy with the US Commercial Service and RAISE a few steps further.
Spectrum Aeromed Takes Off in Brazil
Spectrum Aeromed is a air ambulance company based in Fargo, ND. In 2017, they used the services of the RAISE (Rural America’s Intelligence Service for Exporters) to increase their exports. After a bit of strategy and patience, the research paid of as they were able to make a sale in Brazil.
WCCO Belting “Makes Hay” at Agritechnica and Exports
WCCO Belting is a Wahpeton-based manufacturer of custom rubber belting used in agriculture, construction, industrial and recycling machinery. In 2019, WCCO Belting leveraged multiple programs of the U.S. Commercial Service, including exhibiting in a booth within the USA Pavilion at Agritechnica, the world’s largest ag machinery show); and using the in-depth research services of the Rural Intel Service (RAISE) to speed product development and marketing planning.




Weather Mod Identifies Potential Markets with RAISE Research
When you have a world of choices, it’s helpful to narrow things down. That’s why Weather Modification International (WMI) sought out the U.S. Commercial Service / ND office’s RAISE research program. The research provides a worldwide market comparison scan, and in-country connections and industry insights.
RDO Heads South For the Winter
RDO Equipment, based in Fargo, North Dakota, operates dealerships and farming operations across the Midwest and into western United States. RDO is the world’s largest dealer of John Deere agricultural machinery. With a large inventory of used equipment, RDO’s international business team wanted to identify a market for machinery in Latin America, a region where they saw opportunity but hadn’t had many previous sales. They also wanted to identify top potential export markets for refurbished construction machinery, as their previous export experience was primarily with ag machinery.
Research Leads to Agritechnica, New Sales for Mattracks
Mattracks, rubber track manufacturers based in Karlstad, Minnesota, participated in a number of different US Commercial Service programs that recently led to new international partners and sales. Through market research, the company was able to nail down Germany as a potential top market, leading to the USA Pavilion at Agritechnica, the largest ag trade show in the world.
Fargo-based Drone Company Botlink Lands Business in Brazil
Fargo-based startup Botlink LLC has signed partnerships with three Brazilian commercial unmanned aerial system (UAVs) companies, including a UAV manufacturer, a drone flying company and an engineering company. Using in-depth market research from the U.S. Commercial Service in Fargo and Brazil enabled efficient market entry for Botlink.
Palmer Bit Company Drills Down and Finds Export Gold
Palmer Bit Co. in Williston, North Dakota, manufactures drill bits for geothermal, geo technical, water well, seismic and mining drilling purposes. The company has made a few international sales over the years, but in late 2015 company owner Kevin Christensen decided to get more pro-active about exporting and enrolled in ExporTech.
Palmer Bit