Success Story

PRx Performance Powers Up Exports to Canada


PRx Performance was founded in Fargo, ND by two friends, Brian Brasch and Erik Hopperstad, through a shared love of innovation and fitness. With the mission “Fitting Fitness into Life,” PRx Performance sells workout equipment that folds up to the wall, which allows users to have access to high quality equipment while using minimal space in their home gyms.   

PRx was looking for assistance to expand internationally with a focus on eCommerce and pursued a RAISE Research Project to determine the best markets for greatest growth potential. Through discussions with the Fargo-based Rural Export Center, PRx received a matrix using PRx’s ideal market indicators for growth in the exercise equipment market. The matrix offered insight to the fastest growing markets and helped pinpoint three countries in which to conduct deep-dive research including market challenges and strategies, potential partners, landed costs, etc. After further analysis of the resulting data, PRx Performance chose 3 markets, and also saw the tremendous opportunity just north of the border.  

“The matrix helped us realize the importance of Canada as a market, so we redoubled our efforts and worked with the U.S. Commercial Service to answer some questions on shipping and labeling into Canada,” said Brian Brasch. With this increased emphasis on Canada, PRx expects to see a significant sales increase as they roll their marketing out in early January. They’ve already seen their average order value almost triple just by implementing a different approach to their shipping methods. “International expansion has always been part of my growth strategy, so I’ve always maintained close ties with the U.S. Commercial Service,” said Brasch. “While the world market is becoming more integrated, there are still many unknowns and barriers to entry. The U.S. Commercial Service steered us away from mistakes made by others and their research allowed us to eliminate a lot of the guesswork and stay hyper focused,” said Brasch. 

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