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Botlink Lands Brazil

Two men standing near an unmanned aerial system

Fargo-based startup Botlink LLC has signed partnerships with three Brazilian commercial unmanned aerial system (UAV) companies, including a UAV manufacturer, a drone flying company, and an engineering company. More than a dozen additional agreements are being negotiated. Botlink is a software and power electronics designer that builds cloud-based applications to help drone operators plan, control, and fly missions, with real-time access to the data they collect. Users in the agriculture and construction industries can quickly and accurately monitor fields and assess infrastructure needs, resulting in lower costs and faster access to information, which leads to better-informed decision-making.

When Botlink was considering a drone show in Brazil, they connected with the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) in Fargo, ND, and CS Brazil to determine options for the best methods for market entry into Brazil. In addition to engaging the CS North Dakota office for in-depth, customized market research, CS North Dakota jumped into action to deliver an immediate report on Brazil. CS North Dakota connected Botlink to multiple U.S. Commercial Service offices in Brazil, and identified extensive lists of buyers, competitors, and potential partners in Brazil, in addition to vetted trade shows. CS North Dakota even connected Botlink with Mr. Helio Oliveira, a dual citizen of Brazil and the U.S. with extensive agricultural experience, who went on to help Botlink execute its business outreach in Brazil. CS Brazil’s agriculture specialist conducted an International Partner Search, where she researched and reached out to nearly 20 prospective drone-related partners, who provided specific feedback on Botlink’s opportunities.

Five months later, Botlink conducted a week-long trip to Brazil and had nearly 30 meetings with interested parties in São Paulo, Brazil. Also, Botlink representative Helio Oliveira attended the DroneShow Forum which had the main manufacturers, importers, and service providers of drones in Brazil.

“We were able to coolly evaluate partners and trade shows from a distance and then schedule a powerful schedule of meetings with those who were the best match,” said Botlink CEO Teri Zimmerman. “With the research, we could connect with prospective partners in advance of our travel and get down to business during our visit. What could have been a month-long wild goose chase was instead a very productive week-long road show. None of this would have been possible without the quality information and connections that were done by the U.S. Commercial Service in North Dakota and Brazil.”

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