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Semiconductors Idaho Trade Development

American Semiconductor Repackages Its Website

A tweezer holding a small chip in front of the logo of American Semiconductor

American Semiconductor (ASI), based in Boise, Idaho, provides semiconductor manufacturing services and is the industry leader in ultra-thin advanced packaging. ASI develops state-of-the-art ultra-thin electronics technology for a variety of applications including bio-med, wearables, defense and VR.

With the ever-important role of semiconductor technology in the global economy, ASI requested a Website Globalization Review (WGR) from the U.S. Commercial Service to improve the international appeal of its website. This SEO-diagnostic and optimization service, which provides two crawler reports, is designed to help companies acquire more international customers through online channels. The collaboration was perfect timing as ASI was preparing to redesign its entire website. 

Through the WGR, American Semiconductor received coaching on best practices for international web design, how to best resolve back-end problem spots, and how to improve its overall digital strategy. After receiving the report, ASI took the feedback and transformed its website. This included adding nearly 100 new pages, improving its contact form, and adding multiple design elements denoting that the company is open to international business. Since implementing the changes, the company has seen a “positive impact” with the ability to track international hits and contact potential leads. This ability to follow up with potential customers has led to an increase in international sales by 198%.

“One of the biggest advantages of the WGR is we are able to track metrics and see traffic. We’ve been excited to have this and there are numerous leads that come through the ‘Contact Us’ page. We anticipate moving those leads to projects over the next several months.”
                        - Lorelli Hackler, American Semiconductor

The U.S. Commercial Service proudly supports U.S.-exporting companies like ASI, one of the few remaining semiconductor packaging companies in the United States.

The project was financially supported by Idaho Commerce and the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP). The U.S. Commercial Service’s Rural Export Center and the Commercial Service office in Boise continue to partner to provide export expertise to rural companies. If you are interested in reaching more international customers with a globalized website, contact your local Trade Specialist today!

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