Global Infrastructure Development Export Strategies
NES: Global Infrastructure Development
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NES Global Infrastructure Development

Across the globe, there is significant need for infrastructure improvement in many critical sectors, from energy, to health, to transportation, and more. The climate crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and rapidly shifting demographic trends of urbanization and population growth have exacerbated these needs.

Many countries turn to the U.S. private sector for world-class infrastructure services that can meet the infrastructure needs of emerging economies. U.S. exports can deliver more than just goods and services to foreign markets—they can also deliver solutions to the biggest development challenges of our time.

The U.S. Government has a long history of providing quality financing and technical support for infrastructure projects around the world.

The NES Global Infrastructure Development chapter outlines:

  • Leveraging U.S. trade finance and investment programs
  • Promoting fairness and transparency in public procurements
  • Improving interagency coordination to support early stage and active deals
  • Promoting commercial advocacy; and increasing domestic outreach.

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National Export Strategy Report
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ITA Advocacy Liaisons at Multilateral Development Banks

Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) finance development projects worth billions of dollars throughout the world. The International Trade Administration has advocacy liaisons at each of the five MDBs to assist U.S. companies.

Industry Resources

8(a) Business Development Program
The Small Business Administration is enhancing utilization of the 8(a) program to promote procurement opportunities, including subcontracting, to small and medium enterprises and businesses in underserved communities.
Blue Dot Network
A Department of State-led initiative to certify quality infrastructure products that meet robust international standards and promote principles of sustainable development around the world.
Momentum: Global Engagement Program
A Department of Transportation capacity building program for the transportation sector, which includes toolkits, publications, research, manuals, and in-person and virtual technical assistance.