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National Export Strategy 2023
A Report to Congress from the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee

National Export Strategy

The National Export Strategy (NES) outlines actions that the U.S. Government is pursuing to better equip American companies and workers to compete globally and grow through international trade.

The report highlights government programs and resources to assist U.S. businesses – including small and medium enterprises, historically underrepresented businesses, and those new to exporting – overcome barriers to trade.

Understanding the role of exports in the U.S. economy, including who is exporting, what is being exported and from where, the destination of exports, and the value added to our economy, is a starting point for this Strategy.

The Strategy outlines export promotion actions and activities in several sectors, including:

  • Climate and clean technology solutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel and tourism
  • International education
  • Global infrastructure development
  • Agriculture, fish, and forestry
  • Seafood industries

The NES is a report to Congress prepared by the interagency Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee.

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National Export Strategy Report