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Market Intelligence
Brazil Fire Safety Equipment

Brazilian fire departments have outdated equipment presenting opportunities for U.S. manufacturers of fire protection and safety industry equipment.

Firearms and Accessories Brazil
Market Intelligence
Mexico Standards Infrastructure Program 2024

Mexico plans for new voluntary standards and mandatory technical regulations.  U.S. stakeholders can participate in the process in several ways.

Mexico Standards, Regulatory, and Technical Requirements
Market Intelligence
Ghana ICT Energy Efficiency Labeling

Ghanaian regulators provide supplemental guidance on how to comply with new energy efficiency labeling requirements. 

Computer Hardware Africa Labeling
Market Intelligence
Austria Defense Procurement Opportunities

Austria Defense

Defense Equipment Austria
Market Intelligence
Singapore Coastal Resilience and Flood Protection

Singapore Public Utilities Board (PUB) takes the helm in spearheading the development of an exhaustive coastal-inland flood model.

Environmental Remediation Singapore Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Poland Energy Post-mining areas are turning into renewable energy basins

Areas previously used for mining operation, most of which are of low value for agriculture, are now becoming a place for the development of solar and wind farms

Renewable Energy Poland Privatization
Market Intelligence
Poland ICT the most cyber attacked country in the world

Analytics from Check Point Research revealed that Poland is the leading country in terms of cyber-attacks in the world.

Cybersecurity Poland Information Sciences
Market Intelligence
Singapore Franchising

Singapore’s franchise market is positioned for promising expansion, fueled by the city-state’s robust and resilient business environment.

Franchising Singapore
Market Intelligence
Turkey Financial Services The Future of Cryptocurrency Market

The Future of Cryptocurrency Market in Türkiye

Financial Services Turkey Finance
Market Intelligence
Romania's Postal Service Undertakes Historic Digitization Project via Public Tender

Romania’s National Postal Service is on the brink of a significant digital transformation with the adoption of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

Information and Communication Technology Romania Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Chile 2024 to 2026 Water investment

After more than 10 years of drought, water companies have an important investment plan for climate change, desalinization plants and water reuse problem.

Water and Wastewater Chile Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Brazil Rare Earth Mining Technology Opportunities

Brazil Needs Technology Innovation for Mining Rare Earths.

Environmental Remediation Brazil Environmental Management
Market Intelligence
Poland Information Technology the 5G frequency auction concluded on October 18, 2023

The 5G frequency auction concluded on Oct. 18, 2023. Each of the four major Polish telecom companies (Orange, Play, Plus, T-Mobile) bought one frequency block.

Telecommunications Poland Standardization
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Infrastructure MCC Opportunities to Support New Bridge Construction in Northern Mozambique

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has published requests for proposals and information regarding engineering services to develop bridge in Mozambique. 

Design and Construction Mozambique
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Travel and Tourism

As Taiwan recovers from the Covid-19 impact on the tourism industry, Taiwan travelers and the U.S. tourism exports to Taiwan has reached its peak since 2020. 

Travel and Tourism Taiwan Trade Practices