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Market Intelligence
Mexico World Cup 2026 Opportunities

Upcoming FIFA World Cup 2026 will open numerous business opportunities in Mexico for U.S. firms. 

Construction Technology Mexico
Market Intelligence
Greece Healthcare Genomic & Genetic Technologies

Greece’s biotech sector is rapidly growing, supported by a robust academic and research community

Health Information Technology Greece
Market Intelligence
Argentina New Payment Flexibility

The Central Bank of Argentina announced an update to the terms for access to foreign currency for Small and Medium-Size (SME) import companies.

Argentina International Trade Law
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Healthcare

This healthcare snapshot summarizes trends in New Zealand’s public healthcare since the new National-led Government won the October 2023 election.

Healthcare New Zealand Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Australia Manufacturing Welding Robots

Australian industries, from construction, mining, and energy to shipbuilding are seek to productivity with automation solutions, including welding robots.  

Robotics Australia Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Australia Purified Recycled Water

Australia’s water management utilities are exploring potable and non-potable purified recycled water to address water scarcity and ensure long-term resilience.

Water and Wastewater Australia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Australia Oral Health Market

Despite competition, the Australian oral health market offers promise for U.S. firms due to population growth, aging population, and rising disposable incomes.

Dental Equipment and Supplies Australia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Colombia Healthcare System Uncertainty

Colombia’s largest health insurance companies were placed under government control.

Healthcare Colombia
Market Intelligence
India Helicopter Market

There is opportunity for U.S. helicopter firms in India, although stringent government regulation, and competition remain.

Helicopters South Asia Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
Germany Aerospace Civil Drone Market

The wide range of commercial applications of drones drive up their demand in the German market, becoming increasingly important to private and public sectors.

Aviation Germany Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Germany AI in Manufacturing

AI technology is becoming an increasingly important driver in the German economy, promoting innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing sector and beyond.

Equipment and Machinery Germany Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
China Construction Industry

Chins is promoting the renewal of construction and municipal infrastructure facilities. 

Design and Construction China
Market Intelligence
UK CCUS Supply Chain Opportunities

The UK government is taking steps to develop a commercial and competitive Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) market.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Greece Semiconductor Industry

Greek Semiconductor Strategy within the framework of the EU Chips Act




Semiconductors Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Water Market overview 2024

Planned Upgrades of water infrastructure in the Greek Market 

Water and Wastewater Greece