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Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Green Building Event

Connect with the green building market in Hong Kong at the International Conference on Advancing Net Zero, November 23-26, 2021. 

Design and Construction Services Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Property Technology

PropTech is emerging in the booming property sector in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Co-creation opportunities abound for U.S. PropTech startups.

Construction Technology Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Environmental Technology

The 16th Eco Expo Asia (EEA) will take place October 27-30, 2021 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Air Pollution Control Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
Hungary Employment Trends

U.S. companies seeking job-market related information may be interested in learning that demand for skilled workers and gross wages are on the rise in Hungary.

Employment Services Hungary Labor
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Law Enforcement Looking to Tackle eScooter and eBike Enabled Crime

UK law enforcement is looking for innovative technology that improves the ability to prevent e-scooters and e-bikes from being used for criminal purposes. 

Vehicle-Immobilizer Equipment United Kingdom Exports
Market Intelligence
Australia Healthcare

Australia is the ninth-largest export market for U.S. manufacturers of medical products.  

Healthcare Australia Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Australia Defense Market Developments

Australia is spending $200+ Billion on defense acquisition through 2030 which represents a major opportunities for U.S. industry. 

Aerospace and Defense Australia Export Marketing
Market Intelligence
Canada Alberta High-Speed Rail

Alberta’s high-speed rail proposal brings opportunities for U.S. companies.

Rail Transportation Canada
Market Intelligence
Brazil Drones for Spraying

Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture has stood up regulations to simplify procedures and legal requirements for use of this technology.

Agribusiness Brazil
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Education

Burma’s outbound student rate is increasing steadily, and education service providers eager to collaborate with US colleges and universities.

Education Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Cloud Technology

Burmese companies prefer U.S. cloud solutions over other providers.

Information and Communication Technology Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Franchising

Experienced Burmese franchisees aim to partner with new American franchise brands when the military regime restores the democratically elected government.

Franchising Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Food Testing Requirements

The Myanmar Food and Drug Administration released stringent testing requirements for specific food categories.

Food and Beverage Southeast Asia Testing
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Green Building Council

U.S. green building & design firms interested in marketing services in Hong Kong are encouraged to list in Eco-Product Directory published by HKGBC.

Design and Construction Hong Kong Market Access
Market Intelligence
Czech Republic Non-lead Ammunition

The EU restrictions on lead in ammunition will have a significant impact on the Czech hunting market. 

Defense Equipment Czech Republic Trade Development