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Strategic Partnership Program
ITA partners with trade associations, private corporations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, government entities, and other organizations to help us to achieve our mission of enhancing America’s global competitiveness.

How to Become an ITA Strategic Partner

How to Become an ITA Strategic Partner

To be considered for the Strategic Partnership Program, an organization/business must be recommended by a member of ITA. Organizations interested in partnering with ITA can start by contacting their local Commercial Service office or an ITA industry specialist. Our network of experts typically recommends organizations for Partnership based on long-term working relationships and mutual goals. 


  • A Partner’s mission must support ITA’s mission. 
  • Partners should:
    • Be established organizations, known to ITA Staff, with generally three or more years of operating history.
    • Have customer or member relationships that can help support ITA’s goals and objectives.
    • have a demonstrated willingness to engage those clients/members and the general public – in carrying out the proposed partnership.
  • Partners must not have conflicts of interest or other challenges/concerns that could adversely reflect on ITA.
  • Partners must also understand that:
    • Participation in the Strategic Partnership Program does not constitute an endorsement of the company’s or entity’s products or services, nor of its views on trade or other policy matters.
    • Certain ITA services have associated user fees, and entering into an ITA Strategic Partnership does not exempt the organization from user fee charges where applicable for services provided through the Trade Event Partnership Program (TEPP), Trade Event Menu of Services (TEMS) (e.g., certain trade show activities, recruitment webinars, etc.) or other ITA programs that have associated user fees.

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Strategic Partnership Program
ITA created the Strategic Partnership Program to better leverage the work of trade associations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, and other organizations that support ITA’s mission.
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Current ITA Strategic Partners
Our Strategic Partners cover many locations and industries.
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Strategic Partnership Program FAQs
Learn more about the Strategic Partnership Program. Many of your most important questions are answered here.

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For additional information on the Strategic Partnership Program  email partners@trade.gov.

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