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Industry Trade Advisory Center
The Industry Trade Advisory Committees are a public-private partnership that engage business leaders for formulating U.S. trade policy.

ITAC Committees

Industry Trade Advisory Committees

ITAC 1: Aerospace Equipment
ITAC 2: Automotive Equipment and Capital Goods
ITAC 3: Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Health/Science Products and Services
ITAC 4: Consumer Goods
ITAC 5: Critical Minerals and Nonferrous Metals
ITAC 6: Digital Economy
ITAC 7: Energy and Energy Services
ITAC 8: Forest Products and Building Materials
ITAC 9: Small, Minority, and Woman-led Business
ITAC 10: Services
ITAC 11: Steel
ITAC 12: Textiles and Clothing
ITAC 13: Customs Matters and Trade Facilitation
ITAC 14: Intellectual Property Rights
ITAC 15: Standards and Technical Trade Barriers
ITAC Operations Manual

For further information about the operational procedures reference the ITAC Operations Manual.