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Strategic Partnership Program
ITA partners with trade associations, private corporations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, government entities, and other organizations to help us to achieve our mission of enhancing America’s global competitiveness.

Strategic Partnership Program

ITA Strategic Partnerships Help U.S. Businesses

The International Trade Administration (ITA) recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnership for international business success. ITA created the Strategic Partnership Program to better leverage the work of trade associations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, and other organizations that support ITA’s mission. Our Partnerships help to broaden and deepen our outreach by enabling ITA to share critical export and investment information with millions of U.S. businesses.

Strategic Partnerships help ITA to:

  • Grow the U.S. exporter base;
  • Support U.S. jobs at wages 13 to 18% higher than non-exporting firms;
  • Target our products and services to the needs of American businesses; and
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of international trade and foreign direct investment to the U.S. economy.

Overall, ITA Strategic Partners help better prepare U.S. businesses for international success. 

Strategic Partnerships Working with Underserved Businesses

ITA’s Global Diversity Export Initiative (GDEI) is committed to helping underserved communities in the United States, including African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Native-American, veteran and service-disabled veteran, women, and LGBTQI+ businesses, among others increase their exports. The GDEI has established partnerships with national organizations to help support these communities. 

Learn more about our Global Diversity Export Initiative Strategic Partners and locate resources to help your firm expand internationally.