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Strategic Partnership Program
ITA partners with trade associations, private corporations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, government entities, and other organizations to help us to achieve our mission of enhancing America’s global competitiveness.

Strategic Partnerships Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Partnership Program FAQs

Learn more about the Strategic Partnership Program. Many of your most important questions are answered here. 


An ITA Strategic Partnership is a formal arrangement enabling ITA and an external organization to work together. A memorandum of agreement formalizes each Partnership.

A Partnership supports ITA’s mission by:

  • Helping expand the U.S. exporter base; 
  • Educating the public about the benefits of international trade; and
  • Increasing awareness of U.S. government resources available to exporters and investors.

We partner with organizations that align with our mission. These organizations include trade associations, private corporations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, government entities, and other organizations. 


See qualifications under the How to Become an ITA Strategic Partner page. 


Want to work with ITA to promote a trade show or event? Visit our Trade Missions office and Trade Event Partnership Program websites, or look for industry specific opportunities

Want to apply for financial and technical assistance to support U.S. exports and U.S. jobs? Visit our Market Development Cooperator Program’s (MDCP) website to learn more.


No. If you participate in one program, you may participate in the other. Participation in one program does not affect decisions related to the MDCP or any other ITA program.


Yes. Consider applying for one of our Industry Trade Advisory Committees (ITAC).  ITACs are a unique public-private partnership jointly managed by ITA and the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) that engages business leaders in formulating U.S. trade policy. Visit our ITAC website to learn more. 

You may also consider joining one of our domestic or international trade events. Participating in these industry-specific events enables you to network and learn successful exporting tips, meet foreign buyers, and connect with U.S. government resources. Events are also listed by industry, to get you that more targeted access. 

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Strategic Partnership Program
ITA created the Strategic Partnership Program to better leverage the work of trade associations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, and other organizations that support ITA’s mission.
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How to Become an ITA Strategic Partner
To be considered for the Strategic Partnership Program, an organization/business must be recommended by a member of ITA.
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Current ITA Strategic Partners
Our Strategic Partners cover many locations and industries.