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Travel and Tourism
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Benin is the fifth largest tourist destination in West Africa and has great potential for further development in this sector.  The government has declared the beachfront zone west of Cotonou between the airport and the city of Ouidah as a tourism center; as such it is encouraging the development of hotels and leisure in this zone.  Expanding tourism is a key element of the government’s First Action Plan (PAG), with projects designed to attract tourists to parts of the country to learn about the history of slavery, to visit pre-colonial palaces and traditional architectural structures, and to witness wildlife in its natural habitat.  One challenge in this sector in the north is growing security concerns, which witnessed a sharp increase of incidents beginning in December 2021 that continue through the publishing of this report.  To increase security in its two flagship national parks (Pendjari and W), the Government of Benin has contracted with the African Parks Network to manage security and prevent poaching there.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Construction of tourism infrastructure.


The government has put in place incentives for foreign investors interested in building hotels in the beachfront area.  Investors can obtain duty exemption from the government on all building materials and equipment destined to such a project.


Benin government’s PAG2:

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