Benin - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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While Benin’s domestic market remains small, the Port of Cotonou allows it to be a re-exporting country to landlocked neighbors and Nigeria, reaching markets with an estimated 255 million consumers.

U.S. companies have notable opportunities for export of electronic products, cosmetics, poultry, toiletries, telecommunications equipment, electrical power systems, transportation equipment, cotton industry equipment, cereals, meat and poultry, agricultural machinery, dredging machinery, vehicles, and construction equipment.

In January 2022, the Talon administration released its Second Government Action Plan (French acronym-PAG2) estimated at $20.6 billion. The PAG2 lists 342 projects across 23 sectors (about half of PAG2 projects were carried forward from the Talon administration’s first PAG covering 2016-2021) and includes an added focus on education and social services.  Potential infrastructure projects include road, airport, and railway construction, port expansion, housing, telecommunications and information technology, and energy.