Benin - Country Commercial Guide
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General Overview

Electronic commerce is becoming more viable as public access to smartphone technology increases.  Broadcast, print media, and text messages are also useful.  The introduction and use of ATMs and credit cards by local commercial banks is enhancing business practices in the country, though most transactions are still done in cash, and even large businesses might not accept credit cards.  The two mobile operators have introduced a mobile money payment system that is gaining significant market share.  The existence of online sales portals and increased social media forum usage allows buying and selling activities thanks to an increased internet penetration rate of 67.36% according to the GOB’s Benin Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Post Office 2021 report, of which mobile internet accounted alone for 99.38%

Legal & Regulatory

E-commerce is enshrined in the 2018 digital code Nº2017-20

Consumer Behavior

Benin consumers and other businesses have started to accustom themselves to e-commerce. They buy and pay through their visa card and mobile money.