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Medical Equipment
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Much of the medical equipment at Benin’s teaching hospital, CNHU, is obsolete and needs to be replaced.  Private clinics are growing and the need for medical equipment is increasing. Some of these clinics may opt for used medical equipment.

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Opportunities for U.S. exporters may exist in new and used medical scanners, X-ray machines, and imaging equipment.  The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the lack of oxygen-related equipment, including ventilators, oxygen cannisters, pulse oximeters, medications, and personal protective equipment (PPE).   The voltage used in Benin is 220 volts.


The Government of Benin plans to purchase new medical equipment, including for the first time two Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners for health facilities under its control, as part of its PAG.  Private clinics may be potential clients for used medical equipment.


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