Benin - Country Commercial Guide
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In January 2022, the Talon administration released its Second Government Action Plan (French acronym-PAG) estimated at $20.6 billion. The PAG lists 342 projects across 23 sectors.  Potential infrastructure projects include road, airport, and railway construction, port expansion, housing, telecommunications and information technology, and energy.   Overall, the Government of Benin seeks to leverage Public-Private Partnerships to advance infrastructure projects for a new international airport, the proposed extension and modernization of the Port of Cotonou and improving or building new roads supporting major transport routes.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Best products/prospects include road, airport, seaport, and railway construction, water supply infrastructure, and construction of hotels, housing, and commercial centers.


The Government of Benin is dedicated to realizing the projects laid out in the PAG2, which it considers the best opportunity to potential investors to tap into the Beninese market and meet the needs it has identified.