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Standards for Trade

Describes standards, identifies the national standards, accreditation bodies, and lists the national testing organization(s) and conformity assessment bodies.

Last published date: 2021-09-29


Benin’s national standards body develops and implements its own national standardization and certification policy, including for building  construction, electricity, and agribusiness.  It coordinates national standards development work and ensures the promotion, adoption, and voluntary use of standards.  It implements the national certification scheme for products and services and operates the national conformity marking system.  It promotes the quality and reliability of products, goods, and services, including for environmental protection.  As member of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Benin has also aligned its standards with theirs. these.

The European Union has recently provided Benin with assistance to establish a laboratory to test foodstuffs and medication.


The Benin Agency for Standardization and Metrological Service and Quality Control Management (ANM) grants approval for and disseminates government standards on all products and services.  Many standards in Benin are adopted from international standards organizations such ARSO (African Organization for Standardization), ISO (International Standardization Organization), or AFNOR (French Agency for Normalization).  Benin is also member of SMIIC (the Standards and Metrology Institute of Islamic Countries).



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Conformity Assessment

Conformity assessment for products other than food is conducted by ANM. The Food Safety Control Agency (ABSSA) regulates locally with food product conformity assessment. The Ministry of Health’s Pharmacies Directorate has this responsibility for locally made and imported pharmaceutical products, and the Applied Nutrition and Food Agency (DANA) oversees imported food products.

Product Certification

ANM, ABSSA, DANA and the Ministry of Health’s Pharmacies Directorate are the only product certification agencies.


ANM, ABSSA, DANA and the Ministry of Health’s Pharmacies Directorate are the only agencies authorized to issue certifications for imports and exports.  Pharmaceutical products are tested by Benin’s Pharmaceutical Products Control Office. Test certificates from established foreign laboratories are accepted.

Publication of technical regulations

State owned newspaper “La Nation” is the national gazette that posts technical publications.

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